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With applications ranging from healthcare to corporate wellness, we provide an unparalleled experience designed to decrease stress and increase wellbeing. Our app combines biofeedback exercises and guided meditations with breathtaking virtual reality content. 

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When we say our app delivers results, don't take our word for it - access user data and track session results over time to see the difference mindfulness training has on your mood, stress-levels and overall wellbeing 


 The World's First Quantified Approach to Mindfulness Training

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Coresights is proudly incubated out of MIT Play Labs

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Our product isn't just beautiful, its intelligent. Each time you use the app, our AI learns from you to provide customized content tailored to your unique profile. Sit back, relax and let us take care of the rest.    

Biofeedback technology has been used by elite performers like Olympic athletes and the Special Forces for decades to achieve their full human potential. Our VR experiences include it to help you achieve your best results every time.

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Biofeedback Expert
"I successfully used the training to calm down before talking to 30 students yesterday. It worked amazingly.”
—  Professor, MIT
“My mental performance on the course has now changed from a weakness to a strength.”
—  NCAA Athlete, Division I Golf
“Seeing the data really helps. When I was training on my own, I could see my heart rate changing."
—  Litigation Attorney, Fried Frank
Wearable Device Integration

Our app integrates with the best wearables on the market to collect physiological data and display it to you in real-time

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